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Wheel No More

Our luggage finally landed, after long delay, on El Nido the only small privately owned (by the owners of the exclusive offshore resorts) airport with daily flights to and from Manila in small planes operated by ITI (similarly owned)

Venice (city in Italy, not SoCal) may seek to ban rolling luggage

Hard Landing and Bouncing

Don flies C-Class on a VN flight, Hanoi
One of another near miss incidents on air in recent year he had -- 
Gosh! Lightning Strikes My Aircraft

Just as this giant air jetliner finally descending for coming in to land on at MLE, I felt immensely alleviating, around 4:45 am, local time. The cabin crew were ready for final touch down. The tension mounted without warning as I glanced out the windows. The shocking window views were nothing but murky rolling sea waves. The sight made me want to make a helpless silence outcry instantly. We were approaching either slanted too much or simply too low!