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Make You Own Lard at Home

The stew pot all the way traveled from Europe to Asia, with me.
All are cell phone photos in this entry

Forewarned is forearmed?

Men Want Dogs not Wives

One of my beloved dogs, Owen, at Anza-Borrego Desert, SoCal

Why Some Men Have Dogs And Not Wives?

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

I had been repeatedly staying at this hotel whenever I visited Manila over the last few years

IKEA Cake Faecal Germs Found Again in 3 Months

Chocolate parfaits and cakes on display at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

IKEA Taiwan recently announced that its chocolate almond cake products have been taken off the shelf due to reports indicating that it contained traces of the E. Coli bacteria, on 3/8/2013

Dog Goes Fishing

I would never imagine this dog trick happening right in front of my eyes

Death Café

Picture of Table arrangement at a 5-Star hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One woman detained, 10 questioned in probe on deaths of couple in New Taipei

Ma Ma Cup

They refer it as Ma Ma Noodles here in Taiwan instead of Ma Ma Cup. I had heard so much about it year in and year out locally, all to the good?