Dream Kitchens in Making

Does it look like spectators attending a Kitchen Fair to you?

No way, it is simply one of my sets of Kitchens for my upcoming commercial shoots, barely one week away! And, the in-and-out legions of "spectators" in the pictures are the staff who busy helping to build the realistic kitchen scenes for me.

This is the core value of the first wave of this distinct promotional campaign throughout Asia! It is the latest components just newly arrived from Germany and partially installed. What's more, that is the reason compelling me to accept the series of commercial shootings.

Answer to my prayers. All of the stoves are articulated to authentic (flammable hydrocarbon gas) butanes or pipelines at my requests. Once everything in the kitchen fares as planned, then I will be able to shoot the happy housewives, or men, or both competently cooking in the Hi-tech dreamy kitchen surroundings.

The lady in the foreground is busy cleaning in the freshly imported and just installed hugh kitchen space. While the electrician guy is final checking the breakers at the far end. Some more helps are setting up the alfresco furniture outside the all-wall view window.

(Up and below) Everyone is checking the drafts to lay the kitchenwares and glassware out accordingly, and strenuously racing to the deadline. They all have been here onsite working on this project for over two weeks already. See, so much manpower and the exertion behind the actual shoots.

I am "in camera" so curious about so many guys are doing on the set. Most of them are equally agog at my job here and openly checking in on me from time to time, as well.
Oh, by the way, the add-ons and built-in items in the pictures such as coffee machines and refrigerators both are genuine and working instead of some dummy props. You can actually get a steamy cup of fresh brewed coffee right from it whenever you crave for a boost at work.

Ta Da... First ever and the only Poggenpohl model is aiming at "Man of the House" (yes, you heard me, kitchen set markedly tailored for MEN!) and will be inaugurated within days of now, throughout Asia. The manufacturer makes an unusual move of unveiling regionalized product events elsewhere ahead of Singapore, in terms of Asia region. Listed price tag starting from $333,333 USD (equivalent) locally, just a reminder, all the add-ons and built-in household appliances sold exclusively.

Everything is started from the scratch weeks ago.

One of the Dream Kitchens is born. It will cost you, except the all-black Poggenpohl model stated above, approximately $150,000 USD (equivalent) for each single kitchen collection you see in the pictures. Again, the add-ons and built-in household appliances are sold solely. Is it of a well too big dream to have?

As I told you earlier, not only the stoves are connected to gas butanes, event the taps (faucets) are equipped with real water conduits, too!

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