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One of my frequented hotels in the world in recent years

Why am I naming myself as a "旅店浪人" (in Chinese) / "ホテル浪人" (in Japanese) instead of literal translation of "Hotel Trotter" (in English) since 1994?

IKEA Hotels Coming to Europe

Familiar comforts in a cozy setting on the dining table inside a villa hotel room

The Swedish home furnishing magnate known for affordable put-it-together-yourself furniture, is getting into the hotel business

Laughing Cow Learns to Talk

That talking cheese (and it learns to rock, too) on display on a shelf at a French franchise supermarket
Cell phone picture by Don Schumann

The company, Bel Group, was giving away ink stamps for children in France this summer. One read: "Des vacances de malade mental"

Scott McKenzie Died

Veteran singer Scott McKenzie died Saturday at the age of 73 in Los Angeles

Thin Line Between Life and Death

Local bazaar at Chong Mek & the Emerald Triangle


My own near-miss behind the scenes stories
(For non-Chinese readers: please make good use of online translator!)

Same-Sex Marriages Mulled

Central Vietnam 2009

An Asian country is considering whether to allow same-sex couples to marry or legally register and receive rights

El Niño Formed

California Coastline, USA

The U.S. government forecaster warned on Thursday that the feared El Nino phenomenon, which can affect global weather, is almost certain to occur over the next two months, potentially adding strain to global food supplies

Earthquakes Hit SoCal in "Known Active Area"

Southern California, USA

Swarm of earthquakes is first in years, seismologists say

Dream Kitchens in Making

Does it look like spectators attending a Kitchen Fair to you?