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Day 14: AM Sapa Vietnam

This photo by Ryan

Lao Cai is a town (where I am standing) in northern Vietnam. It is on the border with China, adjacent to Hekou (city right behind my back across the river in the picture).

Belly Up Flying

City aerial at late night

The serious incident on the Air Nippon flight appears to have been caused by the co-pilot flipping the wrong switch to unlock the cockpit door to allow the aircraft captain to return after he had used the bathroom causing the plane to dive and fly almost belly-up, according to the Japan Transport Safety Board 

Day 13: Sapa Vietnam

5/2/2009, Vietnam (captions added)

Panting and sweating (around 100°F or 40°C,) as we were finally aboard the overnight express and settling into our air-conditioned deluxe cabin with four bunks. The eight and a half hours' train journey from Hanoi to Lao Cai just about to set off.

Day 12: Ha Long Bay Vietnam

5/1/2009, Vietnam

Nuclear Explosion in France

My personal view on nuclear power plants (on the geographic magazine assignments photography)

At this moment, it's hard to tell how big this story is.
One person was killed in the blast and four injured at a nuclear waste processing plant in southern France.

Season of Transition

Color-blocking has permeated menswear as well in 2011

Look at all sides of a situation instead of focusing on immediate needs while destiny is at work in life.

Day 11: Ha Long Bay Vietnam

4/30/2009, Vietnam

Day 10: Hanoi Vietnam

4/29/2009, Vietnam

Exploring 1,000-year-old Hanoi in three days