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Farah Fawcett also? How Sad!

9:11 PM PDT, 6/25/2009

Farrah Fawcett dies at 62; actress soared with, then went beyond, 'Charlie's Angels'

Summer Love


Let's go outside, listen to the Summer music, eat tropical food and bring back the Summer spirit!

Mandala Spa Boracay Received 7 Nominations


Mandala Spa and Villas

I have just got this email from Boracay announcing that the multi-awarded Mandala Spa Boracay yet received another 7 Nominations again!

我剛剛收到 來自長灘島 比賽常勝軍 的 Mandala Spa and Villas 又獲得7項(溫泉界最高榮譽的)大獎提名的電子郵件通知!

Plane with Dead Pilot Lands Safely

6/18/2009, 11:49AM New York Time

14 minutes ago.

NEWARK, N.J. – The Federal Aviation Administration says a plane carrying a pilot who died in mid-flight has landed safely at the airport in Newark, N.J.

9 Ways to Show Me Your Heart

Around the World

How? Just take me there and show me your gigantic heart. That is so easy.
Oh, by the way, you must be able to make me high first!

Gosh! Lightning Strikes My Aircraft

Our Airbus A330-200 (twin-jet) airplane of VN (Vietnam Airlines) ascending was rough for over 30 minutes long, just after take off from Taoyuang City (TPE) Airport. Over the Taiwan Strait, around 09:00 AM, GMT +8 on 4/20/2009. We went through a very active storm cell

“玩味宿霧島” 紀實

“玩味宿霧島” 2008/06 台灣出版在多國同時上架
“玩味宿霧島” 2008/10 德國法蘭克福書展初登場
“玩味宿霧島” 2008/11 西班牙鉤曼出版界獲獎項
“玩味宿霧島” 2008/12 歐洲入圍全球旅遊美食書
“玩味宿霧島” 2009/05 世界美食旅遊獎倫敦揭曉