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Hot Springs


I am starting yet another series of posts, on a monthly basis. To be exact, first Sunday of every month throughout the year of 2009, it is called "Famous Hot Springs of North Taiwan" on my Don Schumann Photography blog.


唐 在小年夜除夕* 2009/1/23晚間的23:00 上台灣超級電視台 (大多的有線電視收視設在) 第33頻道 陪您過年 以及 2009/1/26 (時間不知)

Happy Lunar New Year!



¡Feliz Año Nuevo

Glückliches Neues Jahr

Nouvelle Année Heureuse

Your Time? My Time?


Are you planning on vacations to overseas? Are you contacting someone important in a different timezone?

Here is the solution for you now! Just move your mouse over where you want to see the time in the world map. See, that is easy!

你正計畫 要出國旅行嗎?你打算連絡遠在他鄉的親友嗎?

這裡提供一個查詢方案給你 只需移動你的滑鼠到地圖上及時既即可換算當地時間 瞧 就是這麼輕易快速!

Medicinal Foods

Hotels in North Taiwan

I am the least Chinese food aware person alive!

I am not supposed to brag about it. Since I had came across the chance of shooting Chinese medicine food served by a 5-star hotel chef in North Taiwan many years ago. Allow me to try my best to explain it to all of you

Season's Greetings from Don Schumann