Keep Walking / 歩き続ける

綾の彩 (Aya no Aya) / Aya's Nature

Keep your ears peeled and your feet tapping along!



Illusion - Moon over the Ruined Castle

We are in high spirits to inform you that our first (non-salable demo) single, Illusion - Moon over the Ruined Castle, is finally released!


わたしたちはめでたくて御知らせ致します!! "幻。荒城の月" を再編曲したシングルをリリースしました。

Love is Where You are

My own first Thai cooking at a culinary school, during the SARS outbreak (on assignments for a French magazine), in Chiangmai, Thailand

"Make the most of what you have and keep your standards high. Never settle for anything less than you deserve or are capable of achieving."

Lunar New Year 2017

Picture by GAIA / Unit Driver: 李鈺翔 / Crew: Wei / Style & Makeup: Don Schumann

We were shooting, recording and performing days and nights throughout the whole new year holidays!

Listening Heart to the Feast

iPhone self portrait by Don Schumann

I am outside monitoring the recording sessions due to my studio/monitoring headphones leakage

Promised Land

Early morning, Don wading away in an emerald swimming pool, in Central Vietnam. The only spare time before frenzy working schedule kicking off the day

Life: it's not the size of splash, but the joy you find along the way